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New Seattle Restaurant Videos Showcasing Star Chefs Award Winning Chef and Bartender

Posted by Leonard on January, 26, 2016

NYC based Star Chefs hired Pangeality Productions to film 2 videos at Spur Gastro Pub in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. Star Chefs was holding the Seattle edition of their Rising Star Awards, a giant gala event at McCaw Hall, and Spur chef Jeff Vance and bartender Seth Sempere were 2 of their awardees. The awards celebrate up-and-coming chefs and culinary professionals, who represent the vanguard of the contemporary American dining scene. ‘They have strong, compelling culinary philosophies and are committed to fostering a culinary community by sharing their knowledge with fellow professionals’. On the day before the big event, we filmed Vance preparing a rabbit liver patĂ© dish, and Sempere creating a ‘Searider Falcon’ cocktail with ground satsuma peel and kefir leaf. This particular series was sponsored by Vitamix and both recipes involved extensive use of the machine, which i learned had a long history in American cooking, that included being the subject of the very first ever infomercial, as the first ever product filmed for TV. It’s also considered the industry standard best blender on the market.

Vitamix – Jeff Vance at Spur from StarChefs on Vimeo.

Vitamix – Seth Sempere at Spur from StarChefs on Vimeo.

SPUR Gastropub Bartender preparing kefir leaves and satsuma peel infused cocktail during Star Chefs video demo sponsored by Vitamix

SPUR Gastropub Bartender preparing kefir leaves and satsuma peel infused cocktail during Star Chefs video demo sponsored by Vitamix

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Safer Alternatives for Auto Repair Industry Video Training

Posted by Leonard on January, 24, 2016

Over the years Pangeality Productions has worked with The NW Pollution Prevention Resource Center on a variety of projects. Recently we wrapped work in support of their Safer Alternatives for the Automotive Industry online video training curriculum. The training curriculum focuses on helping automotive owners and technicians learn about safer alternatives, best management practices in a repair shop, and how to green your operations.

Incentive for the training comes from the fact that commonly-used cleaners in an automotive shop can be dangerous to your health and to the environment. In addition, many operations within an automotive shop (floor cleanup, antifreeze replacement, etc.) can lead to the mismanagement and misapplication of products and, therefore, may cause serious compliance issues for businesses. Therefore it’s important for owners and technicians in an automotive repair shop to be informed of the chemicals contained in the products they use as well as requiring good working habits to reduce liability and improve the business’s bottom line.

With that in mind and in partnership with the WA Dept of Ecology, The City of Seattle, Seattle City Light, and Swedish Automotive, PPRC produced a multimedia training curriculum offered free online to help any automotive related business to green their opeation. Check out the training on the PPRC website here

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Seattle Green Building Slam Videos for Northwest Ecobuilding Guild

Posted by Leonard on January, 23, 2016

For the past 6 years Pangeality Productions has filmed and produced the Northwest Ecobuilding Guild’s annual Green Building Slam. The slam is 10 juried presenters giving 10 minute talks about their project featuring 10 slides each. The event is held at the University of Washington’s Kane Hall and growing each year in size is, now fills the room to almost capacity with close to 500 people in the crowd. Each year it’s an impressive variety of projects that span the green building spectrum of commercial and residential construction, from passive solar homes to cargo container accessory dwelling units (ADU). Regional green builders, architects, designers, planners, policy makers and people generally curious about green building gather to enjoy some tasty food and drinks, networking and great presentations. After recording the event, Pangeality Productions edits each video, integrating the slides in, adding logos and titles and making them available to both the presenter and the Northwest Ecobuilding Guild. Over time, the presentations have become a treasure trove of information highlighting and celebrating the evolution of the region’s green building leadership worldwide.

These were 4 of my favorite presentations from the event

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Seattle’s Leading House Cleaning Company Using Video to Find New Employees

Posted by Leonard on January, 21, 2016

April Lane’s Home Cleaning Seattle Link service is consistently one of the best house cleaning companies in Seattle and Bellevue. Their business is so in demand that they maintain a waiting list of homeowners wanting their services, because they can’t hire qualified cleaners fast enough. So when ALHC sought to hire new cleaners, they knew using video as a tool to find and recruit the right people was an efficient and effective method. What impresses me most about ALHC and we worked to reflect in the video series, is the approach the ownership takes toward supporting it’s employees. Beyond extensive paid training, they believe that happy healthy employees make for the best employees. One piece of that support is a program called ‘Spoil Me’ dollars, in which full time employees without missed days get monthly stipend cash that they can only used toward taking care of or spoiling themselves. That can be a massage, concert tickets, clothing, eating out or any other way in which they spend the money on themselves. There’s also ‘Spoil My Car’ dollars that go well beyond typical $/mile stipends. But more than additional stipends, it’s an overall culture of supporting employees physical and emotional well being, building community among the staff, and seeking to know and support they’re people in all ways.

Why Our Employees Love to Work Here – April Lane's Home Cleaning Seattle from April Lane's Home Cleaning on Vimeo.

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Livable Greenlake Uses Video to Rally Commmunity Against Planned Development with Limited Parking Spots

Posted by Leonard on January, 15, 2016

Livable Greenlake is a community organization representing East Greenlake. Recently they’ve rallied to oppose a proposed 45 unit apartment complex that will provide only 13 subcompact parking spaces. Pangeality Productions was hired to record a public meeting convened with representatives of the City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development. Event planners invited people to ‘learn about the developer-paid traffic and parking study that Seattle DPD is supposed to review, listen to nearby business owners talk about the impact on their businesses and futures, and hear the stories of local residents who already struggle to find parking on their own street.’ It’s my understanding that the city was willing to allow this proposed project based on the proximity to East Greenlake being a transit hub, access to multiple buses and future Roosevelt light rail station therefor allowing new units to be built without designated parking as a way of increasing density. It’s a real Catch 22 as to whether or not allowing this type of development has the intended consequence of reducing reliance on automobiles or whether or not new owners simply park on street, leading to further congestion in areas such as this.

Public Meeting With Seattle DPD on the Environmental Impact of Proposed Project 417 NE 73RD ST from MacGillFhaolain on Vimeo.

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Food Love Video from Santa Tere Market, Guadalajara Mexico

Posted by Leonard on January, 15, 2016

When we visit my wife’s family in Guadalajara Mexico around New Years, I love to visit this market almost daily. We stay with my sister in law who lives close by and I love to go for some fresh green juice aka ‘Agua Versace’ that you see in the end of the piece, eat corn cake and Mexican popsicles called palletas. This tradition has been on for close to the last 15 years and by now I have a friendship with the 3 generations of women in the juice shop. They’ve had their business there for 62 years now and the matriarch, daughters and granddaughter work together side by side. I am also friends with a few of the vendor’s who surround them including the one who tastes the soup, is making the chile rellenos and the 2 sisters together smiling in the clip toward the end. I love the vibrancy of the scene, the informality, the fresh food, the variety and overall positive vibes and what feels like an old school market of which there are fewer and fewer as time passes. The soundtrack is by two musicians who happened to be entertaining diners at the moment I was there that day. I shot this latest video one afternoon on my iphone and look forward to sharing it with them.

SANTA TERE MARKET DRAFT from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

I’ve been making videos in this market for years…


2007 My wife’s family making a feast with initial scenes buying supplies in Santa Tere

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