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Puerto Vallarta Hotel and Wedding Drone Video

Posted by Leonard on December, 24, 2015

I recently returned from Puerto Vallarta where I was working on a series of tourism and travel promotion videos for a beachfront hotel there in connection with a Sammamish, WA based travel company that works primarily in Mexico. They were interested in promoting their property, and specifically their wedding services and hired Pangeality Productions to shoot some aerial footage of their grounds, building, beach area, wedding ceremony and reception. It was a blast coordinating with the wedding party who was pleasantly surprised that they’d be getting the complimentary service. Pangeality Productions has worked extensively in the tourism and travel industry around the world. Visit our page here for more info

You can see some of the clips featured here in our Drone Video demo reel.

Drone & Aerial Videography and Photography from Seattle & the Pacific Northwest from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

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Houston Arts and Advocacy Nonprofit Features Pangeality Video in Refugee Awareness Event Kickoff

Posted by Leonard on December, 20, 2015

It was great to be recently contacted by a Houston based arts and advocacy nonprofit organization Vox Culture Link whose mission is ‘to connect the Houston community to social causes in creative ways’. They’d reached out to me to ask permission to include a short video I’d done as a part of an event that they were using to open up a yearlong focus on refugees in the Houston community.

My piece was about Seattle’s Bhutanese Refugee Community. I’d told the story of one newly arrived family that included a visit to the refugee camp in Nepal where they’d lived for the past 17 years, showing the cultural training they go through prior to departure, medical screenings, and the actual journey. Then to their new lives here in Seattle, their housing, jobs and assimilation experiences. With lots of misconceptions and lack of information about refugee resettlement overall in the US, and the Syrian refugee crisis dominating the news, they saw my piece as a good tool for educating Americans about what this process actually looks and feels like.

Back in 2009, I’d done a series of stories for my local TV station the Seattle Channel, connecting Seattle and Nepal. This was one of 3 stories, the other 2 being about a local nonprofit who works to battle the stigma of disability in Nepal, and another was about a young Tibetan monk who’d left his family in Seattle at a young age to follow in the family’s long lineage as a revered Buddhist teacher. The disability story was eventually nominated for a regional Emmy award.

From their inquiry:
The goal of our 2016 series, Connecting our Local and Global Neighbors, is to engage in a deeper conversation on the subject of refugees. Vox Culture will launch the series with an event featuring short films and an open dialogue session on topics related to Houston, refugees, and how we can work together towards the improvement and continued development of our own community. Please note that we are expecting around the range of 50-100 people (combination of our volunteers, community partners, and interested members of the public) in attendance, and that WE WILL NOT be charging our audience members NOR asking for any donations pertaining to the specific event. We would like to use this specific film as part of a point of general discussion that is to follow.

Bhutanese Refugee Story

Bhutanese Refugee Story – From Nepal to Seattle's Rainier Valley from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

Vox Culture, Houston based arts and advocacy nonprofit opening yearlong refugee focus with Pangeality Productions video about Seattle refugee population

Vox Culture, Houston based arts and advocacy nonprofit opening yearlong refugee focus with Pangeality Productions video about Seattle refugee population

Fighting the Stigma of Disability in Nepal

Challenging The Stigma of Disability in Nepal with The Rose International Fund for Children TRIFC from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

Young Lama and Future Tibetan Spiritual Leader

Young Lama & Future Tibetan Spiritual Leader, Asanga Sakya Rinpoche from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

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Seattle Artist Documentary Shoot at Metal Studio in Ballard

Posted by Leonard on December, 15, 2015

I’ve been working on a short documentary promotional piece with Seattle based visual artist Jonathan Clarren. He approached me with an interest in showcasing his work, specifically his sculpture pieces. The idea was a documentary short for architects, designers and developers in the planning stages of designing buildings and both interior and exterior spaces to have an opportunity to learn about his work, his process, and the materials he creates with. His goal is to connect with the right people, to get commissioned to build large scale art installations.

At first, we did a series of shoots at his home studio, where he works with wood, glass, paints on large canvases and smaller metal projects. We also shot at a metal studio at the soon to be demolished Fenpro Building in Ballard where he’s piecing together a huge metal sphere that will hang on the side of a building. The building is part of a construction trend in Ballard, and will be replaced by a $50 million+ Nordic Heritage Museum. It was amazing being in a hive of studios that will soon cease to exist, erasing a piece of Ballard art history and an enclave of industrial creativity. Jon has been working with Denny in this metal studio over the years to produce a variety of large scale metal sculptures he’s created.

The studio was an incredibly visually rich environment, with metal pieces strewn about, sparks flying, gritty tools everywhere, and the freedom to climb around and get unique angles as they worked their craft. Denny was rocking the metal lathe, and Jon was standing on top of a table, assembling the half sphere comprised of strips of elaborately carved metal in his signature keyhole pattern (see video below).

This is a short video I made of Jon doddling in this signature style. Eventually these patterns get translated into materials that get sculpted into original pieces.

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