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Seattle Bumbershoot Flip Cam Videos Now Up on YouTube

Posted by Leonard on September, 8, 2010

This year marks my 9th year working production at Bumbershoot, Seattle’s 40th annual Music and Arts Festival. It all began when I’d first arrived in Seattle in 2001 and was working doing the same thing at WOMAD (World of Music and Dance, also an awesome global arts festival). My job as an escort driver is to bring performers from their hotel to the venue, and this year I had the opportunity to bring Angelique Kidjo, Weezer, Balkan Beat Box, Mary J Blige’s band and a whole bunch of other artists, authors, dancers and filmmakers to and from the fest. I feel like an ambassador for the City of Seattle, where they get off the plane from all corners of the world and ask me questions about our great city, and I get to meet all kinds of creative folks and incredible artists from across the art spectrum. With a loose schedule and a lot of breaks between runs, coupled with an all access pass (makes one feel like that Wayne’s World shtick), I get the opportunity to see a lot of great performances without all the hassles of parking and waiting on lines. This year I shot a handful of flip cam videos on grounds with various visual artists and a few live performances that I enjoyed. They’re all posted to my youtube channel and I’ve included a few here.

The Portrait Challenge, Interactive Group Art Project Freshness

Balkan Beat Box, Insanely High Energy World Funk Power

Aterciopelados, Colombian Folk Funkers & Global Activists

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