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Positive Discipline Video Training Curriculum

Posted by Leonard on August, 16, 2015

I’ve recently completed work on a large training curriculum with Sound Discipline, an amazing local nonprofit teaching self regulation skills to young people in schools through a variety of means. The central pillar is the class meeting where students regularly share and discuss the problems and issues they are dealing with at home and school, and get support from their peers in solving those problems.

Picture 11

They also teach the Brain in the Hand Model of Dr Dan Siegel .It’s really amazing to see an entire school speaking a language where students and staff are on board with this model. The ability of a student to simply flash the hand signal that means their brains are compromised from making good decisions and being safe, that they’ve “flipped their lid” and need a minute to calm down and take a few breaths.

Picture 7

I was very impressed to hear the voices of the 5th grade students featured in the training series and how they feel about class meetings and the skills they’re learning and using at school. Plus the impact it’s had on their performance and community as described by teachers, support staff, and principals was inspiring.

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Out and About with the Drone, Aerial Video in the Pacific Northwest

Posted by Leonard on August, 1, 2015

This summer I’ve been enjoying flying a drone. It’s an amazing tool for capturing aerial images, both still and motion, providing amazing perspective on all kinds of natural and commercial shoots. I’ve put together an early sampler of some fun work. The shots come from around the pacific northwest, including in Seattle, The Methow Valley, North Cascades and beyond.

Flying Camera Joy in the Pacific Northwest from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

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