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Video Production for Seattle Businesses

My focus is on helping my clients use video as a tool to share with the world who they are and what they do. I work on a wide variety of media projects, producing business video for many different audiences. What most of the projects have in common is that they will be seen online, on websites, blogs, smart phones and tablets, YouTube and Facebook, as a paid download, and other digital channels.

I also work with out of town production companies to meet their video needs throughout the Pacific Northwest region, gathering footage in support of larger projects, leading and filming interviews or collecting b-roll for them when they need someone locally to execute on their behalf. Depending on what’s called for, I work solo or assemble the appropriate production crew for each project.

Some potential ways you might use video include: to train your employees, tour a facility, demonstrate a product, answer your FAQs, share a presentation, or simply to entertain people.

I help my clients to get additional value out of the content we produce, by extracting interviews or segments from the main edit, that can stand alone as their own video bites. Remember, it’s not about just ‘producing’ a video, it’s about using video as a tool.

To see more work, visit or contact me for more information.