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The Whidbey Institute’s 40th Anniversary Video

Posted by Leonard on September, 24, 2014

I recently worked with The Whidbey Institute on Whidbey Island to provide coverage of their big 40th anniversary event. Primarily to cover their 3 keynote sessions with Joanna Macey, Drew Dellinger and David Sangler, as well as their ignite talks style session of 12, 5 minute topics on a wide spectrum of ideas by a range of community members. It was a beautiful weekend that I was happy to have been able to include my family in participating in. Lots of wonderful food , late night art, quiet meditative time, speeches, salons, outdoor activities, and more, all on a beautiful piece of land surrounded by thick juicy forest. This is a short video sharing the vibrancy of the TWI community showcased on this special weekend. Enjoy

WHIDBEY INSTITUTE 40th ANNIVERSARY VIDEO from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

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Supporting Blind and Visually Impaired or Disabled Students in Nepal

Posted by Leonard on September, 16, 2014

Last week I had the joy of attending The Rose International Fund for Children’s annual fundraising dinner. TRIFC is a Seattle based nonprofit who works with disabled children in Nepal. Back in 2009, I’d done a story for The Seattle Channel about TRIFC and the amazing work they’re doing, that was nominated for an Emmy award (video below). In Nepal, people with disabilities are often hidden and shamed, their disability viewed as the product of a past life sin. TRIFC’s work is both to provide these children with necessary surgeries and medical care, as well as education and support in developmental and social skills. In addition to the direct work with this population, they are actively working on breaking down the stigma associated with disability in Nepal through PSA’s and other public outreach campaigns.

TRIFC is directly connected to Rotary International and each year takes groups of Rotarians on trips there. For the fundraising dinner, I had volunteered to film the event in support of TRIFC’s great work. While shmoozing, I decided to do a short spontaneous video with Nirmala Gyawali, the executive director of TRIFC’s ADSoN project, The Ability Development Society of Nepal. Nirmala is blind and the video is about the TRIFC backpack for blind students in Nepal. It comes full of tools designed specifically for blind students, including an abacus, ruler, tablet, and other materials with braille writing. My goal was to make a short, easily accessible video promoting the $75 backpacks as a way for people to financially support TRIFC and blind Nepali students at a financial level accessible to many people.

TRIFC has designed a backpack kit with the tools necessary for blind students in Nepal

TRIFC has designed a backpack kit with the tools necessary for blind students in Nepal

Backpacks for blind students video:

Original Emmy nominated story about TRIFC’s work in Nepal:

Challenging The Stigma of Disability in Nepal with The Rose International Fund for Children TRIFC from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

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Farm Shoot in Skagit River Delta

Posted by Leonard on September, 5, 2014

I’ve recently been enjoying working with New Roots Organics, a Seattle based organic produce delivery company. You may recognize their warehouse between Fremont and Ballard by it’s giant purple metal beet hanging outside. Last week we made a visit to Frog Song Farm in Conway WA, in the Skagit River Valley to do some filming for a new series of videos for New Roots. This is some of the most fertile farmland in the nation, recently having officially surpassed the San Joaquin Valley. Frog Song is adjacent to Dry Slough Orchard, owned by the Frog Song owner’s dad. Together, they farm on a beautiful space on Fir island, ringed by dykes holding back the Skagit River on 2 sides and the ocean on another. Extensive golden wheat fields across the road looking east stretch toward Cascade mt peaks in the distance. We arrived early morning and it was gorgeous, greeted with fresh muffins and coffee, fruit, cheese and fresh crab caught in the nearby spit the day before, spread on a picnic table in the orchard. It was a great day filming vegetables growing and harvested.

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International Food Bloggers Conference Cooking Demonstration with Krusteaz Baking Mixes

Posted by Leonard on September, 4, 2014

Recently I provided live video coverage of the International Food Bloggers Conference here at The Westin Hotel in Seattle, specifically for a demonstration session with Krusteaz and their easily made baking mixes. With a large crowd in a big ballroom, they wanted to make sure attendees had a close up view of what was going on up front and the live feed back projected onto a giant screen visible to all. At the conference, thousands of food bloggers from around the US come together to talk recipes and trends and all kinds of other food related ideas and poducts. In this session, Krusteaz was demonstrating 6 simple recipes and talking generally about how best to use their products. I liked that the overall thrust of the session was how versatile their whole line is and in encouraging people to experiment heavily with how to use their mixes and to get creative with their recipes. Krusteaz is a local company based here in Tukwila, WA, though I was working with an east coast based public relations house that specializes in clients in the food industry. We’d worked together previously on a big live canning and cooking demo at The Pike Place Market and with on events they were hosting. Unfortunately, these quick Iphone photos I shot during filming don’t do much to showcase the ballroom crowd and cooking demo.



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The Transformational Leadership Project Video Series

Posted by Leonard on September, 1, 2014

PP recently finished production on the Transformational Leadership Project video series with client Claris Consulting. Claris leader Hugh Blane lead a series of 15 videos that will be available for purchase in conjunction with their business consulting work. We shot the series in a Seattle studio with him using a teleprompter. Below is the overview video introducing the series.

The Transformational Leadership Project Video Series – Overview from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

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