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Drone Filming Salmon Fishing in Seattle Harbor, Puget Sound

Posted by Leonard on October, 27, 2015

Earlier this week I had the as always awesome opportunity to join friends and clients Pete and Dylan Knutson of Loki Fish out salmon fishing on Puget Sound. The fall window for fishing keta salmon comes each early October and on their boats the Loki and the Njord they’re literally at the mouth of Elliot Bay in Seattle’s harbor pulling in keta salmon about to leave the ocean, entering the rivers that lead to their natal streams where they’ll spawn and die. On this particular night I was out to get some drone footage of the boats in action. It was a gorgeous warm October night with the sun spraying amazing colors out above the Olympics. It was the first time I’d both had to hand catch the drone and flying out exclusively over water. It was a smooth shoot and a solid night of fishing. I then met them the following morning on the docks at fishermen’s terminal to bring in the catch, joining the other boats in their fleet to unload and get the fish out into the community. The fillets were available in regional farmers markets and restaurants literally in less than 36 hours. An amazing turn around of basically the freshest catch possible. Loki’s been using video as a tool to tell their story and promote their business since we first met and started working together in 2007. This particular media was an opportunity to get a really unique perspective of exactly where they’re fishing and it’s proximity to Seattle. That angle from the drone shows both the boat and Seattle skyline in the background. We put together some unique sound bites about the old and new, about this fishing ‘run’ being active for perhaps thousands of years originally by the native population and now commercially as well. And then identifying that with the rise of Seattle’s tech sector and the growing presence of drones in America and their growing applications. To learn more and/or purchase some amazing wild Alaskan or locally caught salmon or to see more of the media we’ve previously produced, visit their site at


Landing a Drone on a Salmon Fishing Boat in Seattle's Harbor from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.


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Filming TreePAC Seattle City Council Candidate Forum on Open Space and Urban Forestry Policy

Posted by Leonard on October, 7, 2015

Seattle city council candidates from throughout the city at TreePAC forum on Open Space and Urban Forestry Issues[/caption]Over the years I’ve done a lot of work with local nonprofit Plant Amnesty, who’s dedicated to ‘eradicating the senseless torture of trees and shrubs through malpruning’. TreePAC is the political arm of their work and they recently held a forum for city council candidates at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture. 17 candidates representing all district races and the at large council seats addressed zoning issues and other policy related to open space and urban forestry management. The video is now publicly available, enabling those interested parties locally, regionally and nationally to understand the dialog taking place in the Emerald City, looked to around the world for leadership in these kinds of issues.
For more information and to see the video, visit and

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