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PlantShare – Everybody’s Doing It

Posted by Leonard on May, 31, 2015

I’ve recently been working with Dina Russell of PlantShare to produce 2 videos in support of the launch of their new website. One video is a How It Works nuts and bolts site tour, and the other is more conceptual, filled with the words of current users. It’s basically taking the ancient art of sharing plants and giving it a digital platform to facilitate and connect people looking to give and receive free plants, in all forms from cut flowers to transplanted trees, seed, trimmings etc. I’m looking forward to it’s success and growth.

PLANTSHARE™ Plant Global Share Local™ from Dina Russell on Vimeo.

PLANTSHARE™ How It Works Video from Dina Russell on Vimeo.

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‘Serdhak’ – The Golden Hill, Interview with Nepali Filmmakers at Seattle International Film Festival

Posted by Leonard on May, 30, 2015

I recently attended the screening of the world premier of the Nepali film Serdhak – The Golden Hill at SIFF, The Seattle International Film Festival. Following the QnA, I scooped up the young filmmakers, director and star/writer for some Seattle love beyond downtown and their hotel room. Over the years, I’ve visited Nepal 6 times living there for roughly a year and a half and speak almost fluent Nepali. I felt it my responsibility to host these young guys and share my city with them. We went down to Mertle Edwards Park on the Seattle waterfront and enjoyed a gentle breeze and beautiful sunset on a warm night in late May. This is a spontaneous interview we did discussing the making of the film.
Follow their progress as the film begins screening internationally at
Our interview:

The trailer:

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Seattle Artist Jonathan Clarren Profile and Promo Video

Posted by Leonard on May, 26, 2015

Jon Clarren is an artist friend of mine I’ve been working with to develop some of his marketing and promotional materials. The content we produce will reach property owners, architects, and developers looking to integrate art into their buildings and properties, in courtyards and rooftops, foyers and all kinds of spaces. It’s been great filming at his studio, and in a glass hot shop and a metal fabricating studio in Ballard. IMG_8552













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Seattle Soul Queen Grace Love and Her Band The True Loves

Posted by Leonard on May, 5, 2015

Over the past 6 months I’ve had the privilege to film a few live shows of Seattle soul queen Grace Love and her band The True Loves. They’re tearing it up, taking off this year with shows at Folklife, Bumbershoot, Timbr and much more. You can catch them performing live around town frequently.

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