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City of Seattle Software Vendor Presentations Filming

Posted by Leonard on February, 10, 2014

Recently I had the opportunity to do some interesting work with the City of Seattle Departments of Transportation, and Planning & Development. The work involved filming the presentations of software vendors who were finalists in an RFP to provide Seattle with its main software to these departments. Think everything from the person who handles the call noting an abandoned vehicle and dispatching the appropriate response, to an inspector in the field doing survey work around residential property lines and everything in between. From the online experience for Seattle residents to the entire back end of customer service, and all of the employees in between. It was a bit monotonous from a creative perspective but having received a BA in urban studies and always having been interested in how cities work it as fascinating. Plus I got to see the completely different styles of how the teams sold themselves and pitched their product to a room full of city employees from a variety of departments and layers of administration. The videos in the long run serve as both a legal binding document to complement the eventual contract as well as a reference point to revisit as necessary. The teams also often cited how their products were being adapted and molded to fit the needs of their clients that are other American cities.

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