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Food Love Video from Santa Tere Market, Guadalajara Mexico

Posted by Leonard on January, 15, 2016

When we visit my wife’s family in Guadalajara Mexico around New Years, I love to visit this market almost daily. We stay with my sister in law who lives close by and I love to go for some fresh green juice aka ‘Agua Versace’ that you see in the end of the piece, eat corn cake and Mexican popsicles called palletas. This tradition has been on for close to the last 15 years and by now I have a friendship with the 3 generations of women in the juice shop. They’ve had their business there for 62 years now and the matriarch, daughters and granddaughter work together side by side. I am also friends with a few of the vendor’s who surround them including the one who tastes the soup, is making the chile rellenos and the 2 sisters together smiling in the clip toward the end. I love the vibrancy of the scene, the informality, the fresh food, the variety and overall positive vibes and what feels like an old school market of which there are fewer and fewer as time passes. The soundtrack is by two musicians who happened to be entertaining diners at the moment I was there that day. I shot this latest video one afternoon on my iphone and look forward to sharing it with them.

SANTA TERE MARKET DRAFT from Pangeality Productions on Vimeo.

I’ve been making videos in this market for years…


2007 My wife’s family making a feast with initial scenes buying supplies in Santa Tere

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