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Sound Discipline – Children and Schools Learning the Positive Discipline Approach

Posted by Leonard on June, 1, 2015

'Class meeting', integrating Positive Discipline into the curriculum with Sound Discipline.
Recently, I’ve been working on a new project with Sound Discipline, showcasing their work with one local school, Lakeridge Elementary in Renton. It’s amazing how powerful their approach to problem solving and communication skills can be in helping create a healthy learning community. Teachers integrate a ‘class meeting’ model that is an opportunity for students to express their feelings, share compliments and problem solve together. I’m particularly impressed with their using the hand model for understanding one’s brain, and how young children are using it when their ‘lids are flipped’, their decision making skills are scrambled, and they’re needing to take a break. It’s now a common language throughout the school and everyone knows the hand symbols and what they represent.

Doing great work, some bites from Sound Discipline’s website:
We see a day when:

• People feel cared for, respected and empowered in their schools, families and communities.
• Families feel that it is normal to ask for help and have a broad network of local resources (or family educators) that cross race, class and culture where they can turn for support and parenting tools •Classrooms are places where young people are learning the skills needed in a global society
• Schools are places where mistakes are opportunities for learning and the race bias around discipline is undone
• Communities support schools and families in using solution focused methods that enhance equity and honor each person’s dignity.

We Believe:

• All people, young and adult—regardless of race, class and culture—are worthy of dignity and respect
• Misbehaving children are discouraged children
• Current punitive practices and systems work to the detriment of all young people and perpetuate a legacy of oppression and inequity
• Mutually respectful relationships and solution focused problem solving empower children, families, schools, and communities to thrive and foster academic excellence, citizenship, equity, and democracy

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