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Tiger V Dragon

Posted by Leonard on July, 29, 2010

There’s a program on KUOW, 94.9 in Seattle everyday at 3 pmĀ  called ‘The World’ that I love and often listen to. Today they had an excellent 2 part radio documentary from the BBC about India and China, their relationship to each other, and the world in the future called Tiger V Dragon. Fascinating analysis of how each country views itself and it’s role in the world and how that translates into their actions domestically and globally. The stories touch on communism and democracy, approaches to educating their populations, the visions of their former leaders, military and industrial aid, and so much more. I highly recommend it. Both parts of the series can be downloaded from the BBC website at

I also recently saw a film at SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) called The Last Train Home that I highly recommend that shares a window into modern life in China that spans youth and transportation and urban – rural divide and so much more.

On a totally unrelated side note, I found this amazing. Just after finishing this blog post, I was looking for an image from the radio story above to include in the post which I’d just published on my blog. Literally 1 minute later, I went to Google and searched for ‘Tiger V Dragon BBC’ and check the results

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